Internet, Blessing or Curse?

We were musing in the kitchen the other day on the internet, blessing or curse? I am sure it is a discussion that occurs in most workplaces at least once a week. I think it can waste a huge amount of time but I love the facility to use it as an encyclopaedia without having to store 100 hefty volumes. I can look up a person, plant, place, and get an instant answer. This of course often leads off on a tangent and before you know it 45 minutes have elapsed and the potatoes have boiled dry.

Travel arrangements are made more simply and quickly, but this has sent high street travel agents to the wall. I do miss the friendly face who could understand my needs, but he or she could only provide what was available. If I needed to fly on a Monday but the only flight was Friday afternoon there was not anything they could do.

A long time ago they were able to take short trips to lots of destinations and could talk knowledgeably about the merits of Granada over Grenada. Now we probably rely on friends and the media to recommend places. It is not only travel agents of course who have lost out to the power of the internet. The high street has altered as books, clothes, food and toys are all easily accessible on line without the need to find a parking space and are delivered to our door which must save time, fuel and congestion. Restaurants and charity shops have taken their place, and in time I am sure it will become more of a social environment with a residential/business mix .

We are so lucky to have a wonderful toy shop in Moreton in Marsh which I use as much as possible because I value it. We patronised it a lot when our children were growing up, and still have most of the toys we bought there. Now we take our grandchildren. Their faces are a picture when they walk in and see the huge stock to browse. You don’t get that from buying online.