Our Bacon

A lazy Sunday morning. Take the time to have a leisurely breakfast while browsing the papers and planning how to spend the rest of the day. Lets get the coffee on.

Car boot or car ride?

Shall we go for a walk with the dog, or a spot of retail therapy?





How we make it

The loin and belly (middle part of the pig from behind the shoulder to in front of the hip) are boned out and separated into what will become short back and streaky bacon. Read more…

There is an old saying that you can use every bit of the pig apart from the squeak. Take a look at our recipe for barbecue ribs. Each piece of meat is weighed accurately and the correct amount of curing salts and sugar rubbed into it evenly. This is then vacuum packed and stored for 3 weeks to allow the moisture to be drawn out of the meat, preserving it and also developing a lovely rosy colour. During this dry-curing process it will lose about 10% of its weight. This is sometimes known as “green” bacon i.e.unsmoked.

Some is cold smoked over oak chippings for us by Severn and Wye, the fish smokers on the banks of the River Severn.


How we pack it

The bacon is sliced on a traditional machine, so we can vary the thickness according to customer preference. Retail bacon would usually have the rind left on, and the short back would be sliced on No 8, the streaky on No. 7. Read more…

We vacuum pack to ensure a maximum shelf life in 4 or 8 rashers for short back and 8 rashers for streaky. Bacon can be frozen for up to a month.

Catering bacon is derinded and packed in 2kg bulk packs.

See our menu page and check out the reviews for our outstanding breakfast ingredients.


How we would cook it

There is nothing so mouth-watering as the aroma of bacon cooking. I always say it is the original fast food, but never junk food. For a sandwich or for breakfast, grill, fry or oven bake It only takes 6-8 minutes, again preheat your grill or oven and do not place it too close to the grill. Read more…

Some ideas of how to enjoy it

Bacon is so versatile, I often start a casserole, pasta sauce or soup by frying some chopped bacon with an onion, celery and carrot. It really adds taste and you wont need any more seasoninig than a few grinds of black pepper and a handful of chopped herbs. Wrap streaky rashers round skinless chicken breasts it will keep them moist and add flavour.

Streaky bacon fried until crisp with a slice of our black pudding and some sliced apple, served on salad leaves dressed with cider vinegar and oil, if you want to be cheffy, or in a floury bap if you are just plain starvin’.

A very quick supper for 1 or 2 people. Put on water to boil for pasta. Meanwhile chop 2 rashers of bacon per person, plain or smoked according to your preference, and fry gently in a little butter or oil. Throw the pasta into the water. Slice some mushrooms and add to the bacon, still frying gently, You could add garlic or an onion but it is not essential. Stir in 2 tbsps of half fat crème fraiche and 2 tbsps half fat mayonnaise, grind in some black pepper. Heat through gentl;y. Drain pasta when ready and stir into bacon and mushroom sauce. Top with grated parmesan if wished.

Have you tried a couple of elegant back rashers with the first picking of peas and new potatoes straight out of the ground? It is so simple and unfussy but transforms 3 humble ingredients into a feast.




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