Is curiosity the province only of childhood? When I was 7 or 8 I loved finding out about wild flowers, butterflies, birds, horses, anything in the natural world really. We did not even live in the country but went out at weekends. I did pick wild flowers and press them in a book, which I suppose is frowned on now. I loved the Latin names, just the sound of the language on my tongue, and the way the word built up. Later when I started to learn Latin at school I realised that the names were telling you more about the plant. The shape and colour of its leaves, roots or flowers. It’s supposed medicinal properties either from the shape of the leaf resembling a part of the body or an infusion proving to be efficacious. A variety could be named after the person who had first discovered it and brought it back from a mountain valley or Chinese river bank.

As we grow older do we think there are no more discoveries to be made? Have we lost our thirst for knowledge and have more fixed ideas of our likes and dislikes? Food, places, people, we know what we like and do not necessarily want to try new things. I love fish and seafood but have never tried an oyster. Should I start a bucket list now and make it a resolution to try 1 new thing a month? I don’t think bungee jumping will be first on the list somehow.