Ditchford Mill

Changing Tastes

I noticed on the about us page that I included dried fruit as an important store cupboard ingredient. I was always making baked puddings and fruit cakes, adding sultanas to curries and apple salads. We had the mixed dried fruit salad in the winter, reconstituted with hot water. Out of season imported fresh fruit was not available as it is now. I wondered why dried apricots, pear, prunes and figs have fallen out of favour.

Apart from the raisin snack packs. dried fruit seems to have been replaced by chocolate. Hot cross buns, Christmas puddings, breakfast cereals, flapjacks, shortbread, croissants. Everything seems to have chocolate in it. Don’t get me wrong I like chocolate, but good quality, 70% cocoa solid, bitter stuff, not the “chocolate flavouring” that has spread like a rash.

Does anyone have a theory?