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Nature into Art

July 21st, 2014

A delightful walk for us is through the field opposite our house. It is the site of a deserted village but all you can see are humps and hollows. There would have been buildings, track ways and also carp ponds to provide protein in the winter. I don’t know if the plague or enclosures meant the village disappeared. We don’t take the dog in the field when the sheep and lambs are in there so go along the bridle path by the side of the fieldRead more...

Internet, Blessing or Curse?

June 18th, 2014

We were musing in the kitchen the other day on the internet, blessing or curse? I am sure it is a discussion that occurs in most workplaces at least once a week. I think it can waste a huge amount of time but I love the facility to use it as an encyclopaedia without having to store 100 hefty volumes. I can look up a person, plant, place, and get an instant answer. This of course often leads off on a tangent and before youRead more...


May 30th, 2014

Is curiosity the province only of childhood? When I was 7 or 8 I loved finding out about wild flowers, butterflies, birds, horses, anything in the natural world really. We did not even live in the country but went out at weekends. I did pick wild flowers and press them in a book, which I suppose is frowned on now. I loved the Latin names, just the sound of the language on my tongue, and the way the word built up. Later when I startedRead more...